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Studio Zorya

NEW Premade Winter-themed antler tags

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A selection of winter-themed tags with different designs.

If the tag you want to get sells out, there’s a limited option of ordering a custom tag with the same design in the size of your choice. You can’t make changes to the original design. Shapes of the tags are limited and each of them is unique so a custom ordered tag will not be in the same shape as the original premade tag. All custom orders will be completed by the 5TH of December.

All tags can have your dog’s name written on them, as well as phone number - let me know via personal message what would you like to have written on the tags If you want to keep the design "intact", I can put your pup's name on the back of the tag.


Standard tags come with a free of charge split rings. You can upgrade a standard split ring into a more safe (and easier to move between the collars) option of S-biner.

If you’re wondering what size to choose, check Sizing Guide in FAQ 



Our tags are waterproof but, just like any gear, they can get damaged if bitten by other dogs or exposed to harsh weather conditions for a prolonged time. We recommend removing the tags before any rough play dates with other dogs. We are not responsible for damages incurred due to negligence.


Always monitor your pet while wearing their Studio Zorya tags. We are not responsible for any damage incurred by misuse.


All Canadian and US shipping is tracked in order to secure a safe delivery of your items. There’s an option to pick untracked shipping at your own responsibility meaning that if the items get lost or stolen, we do not take any financial responsibility for them.


All tags will ship by the 5th of December

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    We use tracked shipping within Northern America to ensure the safe delivery of your packages

Made for dogs of all sizes and breeds

When you combine the love for dogs, adventures and art, really beautiful things are created <3

Sustainable business

All of our antlers are sustainably and ethically sourced. All of our packaging is environmentally-friendly to ensure the minimum negative footprint on the environment.