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Studio Zorya

Winter release- custom crate tags

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Selection of antler pieces meant for a custom crate tags. Each piece comes with 3 screws to facilitate easy attachment to the dog’s crate. Designs can be customized with anything but a portrait or “character” illustration.


We do not take any responsibility for any damages as a result of misuse of our products or as a consequence of the negligence when dog is wearing them. Nor we take a responsibility for a dog eating an antler piece.


All orders will be sent before December 3rd so that they reach you before Christmas.


All Canadian and US shipping is tracked in order to secure a safe delivery of your items. There's an option of picking untracked shipping but we do not take any responsibility for any lost packages

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Made for dogs of all sizes and breeds

When you combine the love for dogs, adventures and art, really beautiful things are created <3

Sustainable business

All of our antlers are sustainably and ethically sourced. All of our packaging is environmentally-friendly to ensure the minimum negative footprint on the environment.