About Us

Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.” 
 Leonardo da Vinci
Ever since I remember, I’ve always been creating. Drawing, painting, assembling event decorations, decorating cakes or designing interiors. One can say that I have a constant urge to make beautiful things, and if they can make other people happy, that’s even better. Nature is my happy place, and ever since I got my Husky pup, Astrid, we’ve been exploring Canada together. Astrid is the best adventure buddy I could have asked for and she was the inspiration for the first Studio Zorya tag ever to be made - Northern Sky motif. When I made her tag, I’ve realized that I’d love to make them for other dogs as well. I like to think about them as amulets for good luck on adventures. I hope that you will find here something special for special four-legged companion.